undergrduate scholarships in UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG DUBAI

How to Get Scholarship in University of Wollongong Dubai (UOWD)

There are some outstanding countries providing students with efficient and highly functioning schooling systems. The countries with a developed and well-organized educational atmosphere and system receive a huge amount of foreign candidates who want to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in certain fields and careers.

China, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Japan, and United Arab Emirates are some of those well-settled and well-established countries that offer great learning environments and stand tall with prestigious educational institutions.

Narrowing it down to the United Arab Emirates, the country is known for its wealthy and luxurious lifestyle. Since the discovery of oil, the country has climbed the success and wealth quickly and now is considered as the world’s top tourist destination and workers’ top choice for job and employment opportunities.

From the aspects of education, UAE is doing wonders and is setting up the trends of excellent education throughout the whole state. The country is having a well-established, high-functioning, and organized educational system for native and foreign students.


The University of Wollongong in Dubai is one of the oldest and the most prestigious university in the whole UAE. It was established in 1993 by the University Of Wollongong, Australia in UAE and it offers 43 degrees that are internationally accredited from the 10 industry sectors.

The courses are taught by academic professionals who are qualified and Ph.D. holders. With English language and foundation studies of numerous courses, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

For the UAE and Dubai students, UOWD is one of the finest educational institutions where they can pursue the degree of their choice. Currently, the Dubai campus of UOW has over 3,500 students from more than 108 countries.


All the universities in UAE look for options to provide their students with the best facilities in education. The international University of Wollongong Dubai is also providing a range of scholarships and is offering financial support to the newer and the continuing students. The scholarships are given at the beginning of the autumn semester each year.

The assistance for the new students at the undergraduate level ranges from 15% to 50% of the tuition fee costs and for the continuing students from 15% to 25% of the tuition fees. This doesn’t cover the living and the other study-related expenses.

Students in UAE can apply for as many scholarships as they find themselves eligible for. If you meet the eligibility criteria then you can receive any one scholarship at one time.

Also, this is to be noted that the scholarships are not transferable to the University of Wollongong in Australia. There are two schemes for the scholarships;

  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Sports Scholarships

The tuition grants are also given at UOWD as it offers a number of grants that give discounted rates on the program fees ranging from 5% to 20% of annual tuition fees costs. The candidates must meet all the requirements in every criterion for which they have applied. The grants cannot be used in the conjunction with any other discount incentive.

For the new (entry-level) students, there are two other schemes;

  • Family Tuition Grants
  • Alumni Tuition Grants


The University of Wollongong in Dubai also offers financial aid to undergraduate students in the autumn and spring semester of every academic year. This financial help from the university is done in order to help the students who have limited financial resources and those who are unable to bear their expenses of studies.

This financial aid is done to fund the higher education of needy students. This is available for the new students as well as it covers the proportion tuition fees only. This is to be noted that this financial aid is for each semester of one academic year.

Academic Merit Scholarships:

The University of Wollongong in Dubai offers an undergraduate scholarship that covers 15%- 50% of tuition fees each semester. This financial aid doesn’t include the textbooks, excursions, accommodation, living expenses, or any other study-related expenses of the students.

Three different categories of scholarship are available to undergraduate students.

  • 50% scholarships- condition applicable
  • 25% scholarship
  • 15% scholarship

The number of scholarships is limited in all three categories and you must meet the minimum selection criteria for the relevant category if you want your application to be considered. Make sure to understand that the scholarships are awarded on a first-come and first-serve basis.

If all the scholarships are awarded for the whole semester then there would be zero consideration for the scholarship application. There are some factors of eligibility and selection criteria on which you must have a look before applying for a scholarship.

  • Applications are open to students of any citizenship and anyone can apply for these golden chances
  • The applications of scholarships are open to new students
  • Applicants must have achieved the minimum grades as listed in the curriculum table of the UOWD website
  • Candidates must meet all of the academic and admission criteria to get submitted to the University’s consideration and be intending to enroll in the relevant session for which they have applied.

The students who are lucky enough to get the scholarships must maintain their grades well and must not get fail in any course or subject to maintain the reward of scholarship.

Sports Scholarship:

This scholarship is basically named after the Australian cricketer and ambassador of the University of Wollongong, Adam Gilchrist AM. This scholarship can be awarded to only two recipients either from the postgraduate or undergraduate level. This scholarship offers recipients a clear 50% bursary on the tuition cost.

The scholarships do not include the living expenses, books, accommodation, or any other costs that are apart from the studies. Sports scholarships are always offered in the autumn semester.

To get rewarded with this scholarship, the applicants must be current and the selected representative of the sports in which the UOWD fields official team and competes on regular basis. The players of volleyball, tennis, football, and cricket are warmly welcomed to apply for the scholarship.

  • For undergraduate candidates, 65% academic record in secondary school is required
  • Applicants must meet all of the academic and admission criteria to get submitted to the UOWD and be intending to enroll in the relevant semester for which they have applied
  • If the scholarship is approved and one is lucky enough to get it, the applicant must become an active member of the UOWD team in the sport for which the Scholarship is awarded.

Maintaining the scholarship is the same that there must be no-fail and or TF grades in the courses of the program. Submission of the scholarship form along with other attested documents is necessary for the Registrar’s department.


The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is one of the perfect choices for pursuing studies in undergraduate or postgraduate programs. The university is known for its outstanding educational environment and qualified teachers. Also, the scholarships offered by the university are also received by the students on a massive level. Those students who are willing to continue their studies at the University of Wollongong in Dubai must check the website timely and thoroughly to get to know about the process of admission via scholarships earlier.