• How to Curate a Perfect Academic Essay? | 13 Amazing Tips

How to Curate a Perfect Academic Essay? | 13 Amazing Tips

The search for how to write an academic essay must be the result of you becoming a bundle of nerves. It looks overwhelming and baffling with your train of thoughts about, “what to include?”, “what to exclude?”; “is this word appropriate?” et cetera.

Well, worry not! An opportunity has knocked at your door if you carefully wade through this post. Because it is going to make you understand certain aspects. Nothing complicated, an essay is just a structural format for delivering an idea, presenting a coherent argument, dispensing information et cetera. You can demonstrate your creative and analytical skills as well.

However, this guide will let your hair down with its deep dive into scribbling a perfect essay. This will not only be rewarding concerning marks and appreciation. But also you will add life-long tips to your knowledge bank. Hence, without further beating around the bush, let’s get cracking into these amazing tips.

“The 13 Powerful Tips for “How to Write an Academic Essay”

1 – Utilize the Time Effectively

If you are supposed to jot down an essay in a matter of hours then you can focus on other tips. However, if you are given a deadline then you can plan. Time management is necessary for curating an astounding essay.

Make a schedule and distribute your analysis, formatting, scribbling et cetera processes at your convenience. It will provide you with enough time to come out with an impeccable piece. Ensure that you stick to the timetable and dedicatedly perform each of the sub-tasks.

2Select A Topic That Sparks Your interest

A topic that intrigues you will be the best for you. It will incline you to find out more about it and enable you to dive into details. This will assist you in developing ideas and perspectives. Hence you can come up with gripping points to support your argument.

You may end up liking more than one and list them down. Then settle down for the one that you can’t think of letting go and strike out the rest of them.

3 – Research Extensively

You might be wondering, “I’m still not feeling self-assured enough. Why not go for an essay writing service?” Well, you may. The reason you couldn’t feel confident at the moment is that you have not commenced it. And secondarily, you haven’t begun research work.

The research work is necessary for incurring your interest as you zap through from one resource to another. You keep on developing solid apprehension and boost yourself into realizing, “It’s pretty interesting.”

You must carry out comprehensive research to build valid and compelling arguments. The better and deep your analysis will be, the superior your essay will look. However, you should not do the scribbling and searching part simultaneously as it will make your work error-prone and unorganized. Multi-tasking needs to be avoided at all costs.

4 – Eliminate Contractions

There are plenty of contractions like aren’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, couldn’t et cetera. The academic essay comes under the banner of formal writing while contractions are too informal. Won’t it look a bit weird as the tone propagates from being scholarly to non-literary and vice versa sort of?

5 – Eschew Cliches and Platitudes

Let’s develop a scenario in which you went for an easy way out by taking assignment help from your friend. You drafted your essay on time yet it was not fascinating enough with weak points and truism. It didn’t ignite either the interest of your professor or the audience. Then what’s the purpose? There is no use in writing an ineffective essay as it never gets recognition.

Furthermore, readers are always looking for imaginative and new ways. Thereby if you feed their eyes with already known things then it will harm your image. They might think that the writer possesses no innovative and creative skills and is unable to create something different.

6 – A Clear Argument

Delivering powerful, coherent, and comprehensible specific points is necessary. It is highly important because you have to be purposeful in precisely telling the issue. Thereby, clarity matters a lot.

7 – Properly Format Your Document

Although the formatting depends on the type of essay, however, you must go according to your instructor’s requirements. If no such instructions are provided then you need to abide by the standard formatting guide.

It has a handful of benefits as it makes the information more accessible to the reader. It sends out a good impression of you.

8 – An Appealing Opening Paragraph

The fascinating and catchy introduction enforces the reader to peruse further. It encourages the reader to at least cast an eye on the rest of the writing piece if not reading further. The motive of an attention-grabbing introduction is that it lays the groundwork for what is to come in the main body. A constructive opening paragraph also actually previews the topic that will be covered.

9 – Stick To Conciseness

The to-the-point and succinct text allows enhanced comprehension. Unless you are a superhuman or a robot, you can’t devour myriads of information. It appears to be less complicated if the message you wanna deliver turns out to be short and precise. The smaller chunked info becomes unchallenging to be recalled. Therefore, it is urged to keep your essay concise.

10 – Avoid Using Informal Words

The usage of informal vocabulary will shed a negative impact. Commit it to the memory that you are tasked to jot down an academic essay. Hence, you must remain glued to related words no matter how dry and boring it looks! For instance, replace anyways with nevertheless or so with therefore or thus.

11 – Include Pertinent Facts, Examples and Evidence

The shreds of evidence and examples will help in backing up your thesis or refuting arguments. Why would anybody believe you anyway, no matter how much persuasive language you use? They increase the strength and justification of your text hence convincing the reader.

12Discard Exaggerations

Exaggerations let one describe anything in a heightened way. Therefore, such statements actively contribute to creating a worse or better image of a situation than it is.

Mind that if you have included any kind of hyperbole or exaggeration in your document. Undeniably you have taken a risk. Because it may hurt the sentiments of people as there is a chance of misunderstanding or taking it at face value.

13 – Edit and Proofread Your Essay

This strategy never receives enough importance than it is worthy of. It may look obvious but a well-edited and completely proofread document radiates professionalism. This is due to the fact that it ensures that the text is free of any sort of errors; be it grammatical or writing style. In short, it polishes your essay to a high standard that will secure high marks and applause.

It is recommended that you should not leave this part for the eleventh hour. Dedicate sometimes so that you always see your text with fresh eyes to point out lacking.


Your essay will be considered strong and effective if it will be able to grab the reader’s attention. And keeping it intact till the final part. If it happens to do so then it will cut. The earlier-mentioned strategies will make your writing piece prominent among the lot. However, you must ensure the correct usage of words; relevant pieces of information, and follow the structured way.

If it is still looking a bit daunting then remember, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” Grab a pen and paper and curate ideas first before coming to the writing part. Planning always helps you gain confidence and provides you a direction. Therefore, roll up your sleeves, fix your glasses and bend forward on your study desk. It’s time to get started. Good Luck!

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